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The Pool

BBP 5 wide.jpg

Our Pool

3 beach areas, 2 double sunbeds and 2 single sunbeds

12 x 6m pool with deep end and 4 x 4m steps area

Positioned to catch the maximum amount of sunlight through the day and evening, the pool area has been created to reflect a sense of calm and peacefulness.  Natural stone surrounds the pool with river-gravel ‘beach’ areas for double sun loungers.  The pool size is 12m x 6m with a 4m x 4m L shaped stepped area.  The steps have been designed for dipping your feet while reading a book and keeping out of the way of the serious swimmers!  Whether you fancy a midnight swim or a refreshing early morning workout, the pool is there for you to enjoy. We have 2 double sun loungers with mattresses and 2 single z shaped loungers all by Unopiu. The pool is the ideal setting to relax surrounded by old stone walls and hedges.  Set near the old stone buildings, amongst the Cognac vines in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France.

This is stage one of our pool plans.  We intend to add an elevated lounge deck and to completely enclose the pool, entry being only by bridge from the lounge area.

Double sunbed on river gravel beach area

Swim at night in the illuminated pool

Bois Blanc

'where the track stops and your holiday begins'